DNS Meltdown

Recently we upgraded to Hyper-V. Everything was working great, until Friday.

I had just installed Windows Updates for August, and was going through and restarting our two domain controllers (on separate hosts), one at a time. Which probably shouldn’t be done during the day, but I’ve NEVER had problems with it before.

Well, after one restarted, and I logged in, I restarted the second one. Which restarted with any problems, until my Hyper-V host said that the management console couldn’t reach the host. Then it all fell apart. With both of the domain controllers down, nothing could resolve their IP addresses, nothing could get DHCP addresses, and no one could authenticate. Luckily for me, I had configured a domain controller on the side that was Server 2003, with just Active Directory installed.

The challenge was that I couldn’t get into that computer because it was taking forever to turn on because of not being able to get the proper addresses. Once that server came up, I ended up logging into it, and configuring DHCP and DNS. Which was a huge challenge for me because I’m not as comfortable with 2003 as I am with 2008. There were a few configuration issues that I had.

Once the configuration issues were worked out everything was changed over to the new domain controller, which is now running DHCP and DNS. Overall, it was a good learning experience, but I don’t plan on doing it again.

It could have been much worse than it was.


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