System Center Essentials and SQL Server

Since I have been monitoring my System Center Essentials and SQL server through Virtual Machine Manager, I’ve noticed that my server has been using all of the 6GB of allotted RAM.  Once I did some digging I found some great information about assigning SQL a minimum and maximum amount of RAM.  Mine was set at a ridiculous amount, more than I had, or ever will have. So, here was my fix.

First, I would recommend verifying the amount of memory being utilized, and this is a great article to do so.

After running those tests I went onto the following.

I opened SQL Server Manager and right clicked on the database and selected preferences (at the bottom).

From there you get “Server Properties” and I selected “Memory” on the right side.

Edit the “Minimum server Memory (in MB)” and the “Maximum server memory (in MB)”

Once this is done, make sure you restart the server or the SQL Service running in the Services MMC.

Finally, everything on my end seems to be working okay.  The memory usage of the Virtual Server seemed to drop almost immediately, which saved me from a restart to troubleshoot adjusting the RAM.


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