The Great Change

Here, at work, I am currently going through a change in my Virtualization platform.  I began with Hyper-V (see older posts) and after doing research I found that the cost of VMM was quite high.  So, I convinced the folks with the money to go with VMware.  We are starting out our deployment with VMware ESXi 5.0 Essentials.  We are doing it without vMotion and that stuff for now. Down the road (2013) we plan on updating our storage solution, and will move up to vSphere 5.0 Essentials Plus, and keep moving up as we get more mission critical applications.

I’m currently blown away with the capabilities and ease of vSphere 5.0, compared to Hyper-V.  So, since I’m right in the middle of my deployment, I will be updating my blog regularly with problems, troubles, and solutions I find.

Hopefully everyone is finding some of this information helpful.  I’m excited to learn new technologies, and pursue my VCP in 2012.


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