vCenter Deployment

Recently I deployed the vCenter Server Appliance and really liked it.  The one problem that I had with it was that I was unable to install Update Manager locally on my vCenter server.  So, I decided I might as well use my Windows Server 2008 R2 VM that was running Update Manager as my vCenter server. None of this was a problem, but I caution you to not rename the server once vCenter is install.  The steps I took were:

1. Installed vCenter on existing Update Manager server.

2. Renamed vCenter Appliance.

3. Renamed the UpdateManager to vCenter and changed the IP.

4. Troubleshooted problems…

Once I changed the name 6/17 services started having errors.  Some ranged from Storage Service not starting to the licensing not working and as far as getting an error email every 5 minutes.  Once I started troubleshooting the problems I found that there was problems getting connected to SQL Express 2008 that was installed, that I couldn’t get my graphs because the URL was still pointing back to the old server name. But, I never really figured out the Licensing error.

My solution: I rebuilt the whole vCenter server.  I started with installing vCenter, then the web client, then Update Manager.  I’m happy to say that everything is working flawlessly now.  This solution ended up working very well for me because I have a rather small virtual environment (hopefully changing) and nothing really ‘mission critical’ running.


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