Nagios XI Time

After working on my Nagios deployment for months I’ve recently realized that my timezone was incorrect in the notifications that I was receiving. After changing the default timezone on the Nagios XI server (CentOS 6) the notifications were still wrong. This seems like a small problem, but took me quite a bit of time to figure out why.

After googling every possible format I can say “Email time is wrong is Nagios XI” and finding nothing, I started to poke around more and more in Nagios web interface. That’s when I ran across the “Nagios XI Installation Profile” – which is hidden under “System Profile” on the Admin page, upon looking at that it became very apparent what was wrong.


Duh… I’m not in Eurpoe/London. Actually, my System Time is correct!

Once again I took to Google and found this information from Nagios, which I’ve looked at 100 times. I found this information in the support.


Once I logged into my Nagios box I followed these steps:

vi /etc/php.ini

:/timezone – (this searched for timezone in my php file because it was huge)

EDITED TO: date.timezone = EDT


service httpd restart

Now, looking back at the “Nagios XI Installation Profile” I can see the updated time.


Hopefully this can be of some help to anyone out there having the same problem I was!