VCP 5 – My Take

I thought I would take this time to share some of my thoughts and resources for the VCP-DCV exam that I just passed! Overall, I thought it was a very good exam. It took me two tries to pass it, but I think failing the first time wasn’t a bad thing. After the first exam, I learned that the VCP is a legit certification. Having taken multiple Microsoft exams that I had no problem passing, the VCP was a bit more challenging to me. So, what did I use to study?

1. Took the required course.

2. Read ‘Mastering VMware vSphere 5’ by Scott Lowe. Link.

3. Built my home lab using VMWare Fusion for my Mac. This was a little bit of a challenge because of the resources were limited. I had to run slow vCenter Server Appliance and usually one VM. I had two hosts, one with limited resources and the other with enough to run a slow vCenter. I wouldn’t recommend this configuration, but I couldn’t justify buying a whole lab.

4. Downloaded the exam blueprint and reviewed that.

5. Took the VMware practice exam. Be careful not to get 100% because you can’t retake it.

6. Practice exam from Simon Long. Link.

7. Ran through practice labs on my “lab”.

One thing that I wish I would have been more knowledgable about was resource pools and shares.

Having basically only using vSphere 5.1 Essentials Plus, I thought that various portions of the exam were rather difficult. My problem was that I don’t have access to a large environment and do not get some of the higher end licensing (such as Auto Deploy and DRS).

My biggest advice, keep calm and take your time with the exam. The time goes pretty quick, so budget your time accordingly.


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