Moving vCenter without Storage vMotion

Having some issues with our storage, I had to create some new datastores and move virtual machines over to the new datastores. I thought it seemed easy enough, even having Essentials Plus licensing. I just took the server offline moved it and turned it back on. This worked for every server…except one…vCenter. I started searching around online and found some blogs pointing to utilizing SSH and the ‘vmware-cmd’ command. I typed that in, and got the error: “-sh: vmware-cmd: not found”

I then started to think, why not use both GUI and command line. I shutdown my vCenter server and unregistered by browsing into my datastore. After that I moved over to my SSH session with my ESXi host.

I used the command mv…

mv /vmfs/volumes/51926e41-5a58b725-cb40-782bcb19c270/vCenter /vmfs/volumes/5203e77b-392d6e9c-61a6-782bcb19c26c/vCenter

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 1.33.11 PM

I got the 51926e41-5a58b725-cb40-782bcb19c270 from vSphere Client, highlighted below.


After the move (mv) command, I added the vCenter server into the inventory and powered it up.


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