Adding RAM to VCSA with Hardware Version 10

I’ve been having some performance issues with my VCSA on vSphere 5.5. Since I’m running Essential Plus, I do not have the “Hot Add” capability. Therefore, in order to add memory to my VCSA I have to shut it off.

I fired up my vSphere Thick Client right clicked on my VCSA and went to “Edit Properties”. I got this error, as expected.


Which basically means that even if I turn off my vCenter server, I cannot add RAM. It HAS to be done though the Web Client since I’m running vmx-10.

The other option I have is to use PowerCLI. Once logged directly into the host, I ran “Get-VM VCSA” and got the below results.


MemoryGB = 8 was what I was expecting. Since I’ve been having problems, I’m going to go up to 10GB.

First I had to power off my VM, since I was already in PowerCLI I just did it all though command line. The command for this is “Shutdown-VMGuest VCSA”

I then verified it was powered off by running “Get-VM VCSA” again.

I then ran “Set-VM VCSA -MemoryMB 10240”. The key to this is to notice that the memory is in MB and not GB (like in the above screen shot). I then verified the MemoryGB by running “Get-VM VCSA” again.


I then powered on my VCSA by using “Start-VM VCSA” command. Once everything was back up, I double checked to verify amount of memory.

This wasn’t very difficult to do, and can be done pretty easily if you have a small understanding of PowerCLI. However, I found it pretty useful to have in one spot.


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