Edit NIC on vSphere using PowerCli

If you need to edit the VM’s NIC after you deploy the VM using vCenter, it’s grayed out. I wanted to change it from E100E to VMXNET3.



In order to make this change, you need to utilize PowerCli. Make sure you connect to vCenter using:
Connect-VIServer VCSA

After being connected, run:
Get-VM VM | Get-NetworkAdapter

To set the NIC to VMXNET3 run:
Get-VM Server | Get-NetworkAdapter | Set-NetworkAdapter -Type VMXNET3
Then confirm the selection by entering ‘Y’



Once that is done, run the following command again:
Get-VM VM | Get-NetworkAdapter
As you can see, the Type is now Vmxnet3.



Now, if you check the GUI, you’ll notice it has changed.

Final GUI


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